Vector illustration workflow in Adobe Illustrator CC 2019

Advanced Tips and Tricks in Adobe Illustrator Cc 2019


31 mins

English (US)

Are you someone who loves making illustrations and vector graphics ?

If yes then this course is for you I'm gonna sharing with you my personal tips and tricks and also advanced techniques I use to turn my drawing to vector graphics using Adobe Illustrator CC 2019.

Is this course for beginners ?

No a basic knowledge is required if you know how to use the pen tool then this course is yours to take.

So what this course is all about ?

Apparently and basically what I'm going to teach you here is everything from outlining the sketch to colors to shading but unfortunately I'm not gonna be covering the sketching process and the exporting process why?

Sketching process because I forgot to film my self while i was drawing and export process because you must know how to export in Adobe if you don't consider yourself a beginner.

What will I learn by enrolling in this course of yours ?

I can guarantee you will learn something I'm not sure that you know all the techniques I'm using in this course but I'm sure you will learn something.

Alright so enough talking and chatting the purpose of the course is clear I'm sharing with my students my personal workflow in making vector illustrations in Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 hoping they will learn something new they don't know about.

I also wanna say that there are many things of doing what I'm doing right now but this is one of the ways I recommend in making vector illustrations.

Thank you and See you Inside the course.


Chraibi Adam
Chraibi Adam
24 April 2019 ยท Design

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