Bitcoin Valuation: Methods and Frameworks

Bitcoin Valuation: Methods and Frameworks


1 hour

English (US)

You can receive this course for free by completing an investor profile on Invictus Capital Investor Portal found on the Invictus Capital website.

This course is built for those interested in Bitcoin and its value drivers - we will look at the most popular methods that are currently being used to value the Bitcoin network and how you can implement these methods.

In this course we will analyze methods you can use to:

- Track bitcoin ATM and merchant adoption

- Measure Bitcoin's security

- Measure network throughput (NVT ratio)

- Track social sentiment (Social trends)

- Understand HODL behaviour (UTXO analysis)

This course was developed by the Invictus Capital analyst team who have invested over $11m in cryptocurrency and blockchain startups through the Invictus Hyperion Fund and have extensive experience in the crypto sector.

Nick Hill
Nick Hill
17 June 2019 ยท Business

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