JavaScript: Coding Challenges Bootcamp - 2019

JavaScript: Coding Challenges Bootcamp - 2019


2.5 hours

English (US)

Welcome to "JavaScript: Coding Challenges Bootcamp - 2019"

Learn how to solve coding challenges.

In this course I try to explain the things you need to know to solve almost any type of coding challenges.

I'm start with simple coding challenges and as we go I dive in more and more advanced concept.

Coding challenges we will be solving:***

Summing Array Items

Word Counter

Sum Numbers in a Range

Sum All the Digits in a Numbers

Falsy Bouncer

Strings Reversal


Sorting Array

Highest/Lowest sum of two array items

Add one to number represented as an array

Non-repeating character

Most frequently occurs item

Integers Reversal

Remove Duplicate 

Finding longest word

Extracting / Separating integers from a strings or an array

Why should You solve coding challenges?

Solving coding challenges is great. It's help you to understand better code.

No worries, 30 days money back guarantee. So, nothings to lose.

See you inside!

Md. A. Barik
Md. A. Barik
20 June 2019 ยท Development

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