Mastering the Art of the Portrait

Mastering the Art of the Portrait


16 hours

English (US)

You have a passion for drawing the human face and using it to tell your stories, express your visions and draw portraits. This is who you are. It's your calling and it's deep, and I am here to guide you on your way to reaching your goals.

In this course I am going to help you draw the face really believably in the style you choose and apply it to your career. You will be able to do it quickly with purpose in a way that is clear and carries meaning to your viewers. At the end of this course you will have an awesome portrait for your portfolio that you can feel proud of and attract attention.

It all starts with getting a killer portrait or character design for your portfolio because, at the end of the day all that matters is if you have a portfolio that will impact someone so much that they say, "I love your art, and I want to work with you!" Even if you are an art hobbyist this course will majorly improve your portrait art skills.

This class is about both leveling up your skills AND getting you that killer portfolio piece that can be the beginning of doors opening for you, and it's relevant for the beginner as well as someone with a lot of experience.

To accomplish this I will show you how to overcome the biggest obstacles artists face using my simple 7-step SCAF(F)OLD system that will make your portraits dynamic, solid and have impact with your viewers. SCAF(F)OLD stands for:

See  Construct   Action   Form   Features  Objective   Lighting   and   Drawing

When you become aware of and practice these simple principles your drawing will get better and you will grow leaps and bounds. Let's take this journey of mastery together!

Chris Petrocchi
Chris Petrocchi
26 May 2019 · Design

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