Mindfulness: A State Where Anxiety Doesn't Exist

Mindfulness: A State Where Anxiety Doesn't Exist


1.5 hours

English (US)

Anxiety is a state of fear and confusion when we live in the fog of our mind.

Anxiety is only a sign that we live in our mental world rather than in The Reality, which lies right in front of our eyes.

This course is created to show you another way of Living Life by becoming more and more aware of each moment.

Meditation is not something you practice in specific conditions. Meditation means living in The Present Moment by practicing in your everyday situations.

This course is about teaching you a shift in your perception, from your anxious mind to a Mindful State that reveals itself beyond the veil of your foggy-noisy mind.

Stay Here, clarify your sight and see for yourself that anxiety doesn’t exist.

Gentiana Bordieanu
Gentiana Bordieanu
29 May 2019 · Personal Development

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