Node.js & Hapi.js: Building Enterprise Web Apps

Node.js & Hapi.js: Building Enterprise Web Apps


3.5 hours

English (US)

Hi, welcome to the course!! 

Through the 11 chapters of this course, you'll learn

  • What Hapi.js is

  • How to setup a Node.js & Hapi.js server

  • How to validate server input & payloads, then respond with proper error messages & status codes

  • Server composition and configuration for additions & modifications

  • How to serve simple static content & complex static content over HTTP

  • How to simplify your server content using templates & Handlebars

  • How to secure your web application with Basic Authentication and 3rd party Authentication providers like Azure Active Directory (AzureAD)

  • How to connect to, query, insert and update records into a relational database

  • How to monitor your server, output logs, and ship those logs to a centralized repository like Splunk

  • How to easily generate Swagger API documentation

  • How to unit test using Lab & Code

  • How to unit test using Jest

  • How to output code coverage reports

  • So much more!

What version of Hapi.js is used in this course?

The latest version major version of Hapi.js - 17.x.x

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Jeff Taylor
Jeff Taylor
08 July 2019 · Development

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