Pitch Book for Investment Bankers

Pitch Book for Investment Bankers


3.5 hours

English (US)

Through this course we are going to learn how to create pitch books for M&A advisers and investment bankers to avoid the common mistakes and discuss some tips for crafting the perfect pitch book. The main purpose of a pitch book is to provide a realistic overview of a business being marketed for sale. Additionally, a pitch book needs to communicate some insight into the personality and culture of the business being pitched. Both parties need to get to know each other and determine if they can work together, because the goal is a long-term relationship.The training includes the following:

  • Introduction to Topic

  • What is a Pitch Book?

  • Who uses a Pitch Book?

  • What is the basic format of a pitch book?

  • Types of Pitch Books and their General Formats

  • Contents of a Pitch Books

  • What to highlight in a pitch book

  • Case study- Creating a Sample pitch book – Previous Deal Highlights, League Tables, Industry Landscape, Company Profiles, Board Profiles, Team description, Financial Outlook for the sector and the company, Trading Stats, Share price Graph with Annotations, Comps Template, Revenue Breakdown of Subject companies, Ownership, Multiple History and Outlook, Broker Outlook, Management Commentary and Disclaimer

  • Creating Excel Backups

  • Formatting the Pitch book to improve the look and feel

  • Concluding the presentation

  • Common Interview questions

Institute of Investment Banking
Institute of Investment Banking
15 June 2019 · Business

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