ServiceNow Developer Course: The Ultimate Guide

ServiceNow Developer Course: The Ultimate Guide


26 hours

English (US)

In this course on ServiceNow, you will be learning the following concepts in details:

  • ServiceNow

  • IT Service Management

  • Studio Service

  • Application Designing

  • Client Scripting

  • Server Side Scripting

  • Transformation Scripts

  • Notification Scripts

  • Inbound Implementation

  • Script for Notes widget

  • Angular Providers

  • Record

  • Watch

  • AngularJS

  • UIScripts

  • Outbound REST Message

  • Inbound REST Integration

Through this course we are going to learn the most significant concepts of ServiceNow, starting right from scratch. Understanding the fundamentals of the ServiceNow platform is important. It gives insight into the concepts that underpin how everything else works.

The training will include the following;

  • Introduction to ServiceNow

  • ServiceNow basics

  • ServiceNow studio introduction

  • Application development,management tools

  • Client side scripting

  • server side scripting

  • Application security

  • Importing data

  • Workflows and orchestration

  • Scheduled Script Executions and Events

  • Notifications

  • Application Properties

  • Introduction to service portal

  • AngularJs in ServiceNow

  • Introduction to TPP Development

  • Designing reports

30 May 2019 · IT & Software

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